AI 4 Business

Our stellar program for organizations where we superpower your digital transformation, by empowering key employees to build together an AI functional prototype based on your organization use cases, while learning Artificial Intelligence.



First, we go through the technical foundations in a practical way, focusing on what you really need. 


Then we keep learning by building an AI prototype that addresses a use case in your organization.

Launch & Demo

Finally, we launch the AI MVP (functional prototype) and showcase it to your organization.

How does it work?

No borders & no limits

Learn AI while improving your business

Saturdays.AI offers its programmes worldwide, combining the best of online learning with world-class mentoring  from engineers at Google, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and other global powerhouses in AI.

You and your organization can benefit from learning Artificial Intelligence with us keeping the know-how within your organization. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization in your digitalization process. 

Technical Training

Learn all you need, from basic to cutting edge AI

Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Brain Computer Interfaces, AI 4 Healthcare, Internet of Things, Biotech, Energy… you name it, we provide you with the best learning experience to make your technical team world class.

In a few weeks, your team will learn AI getting up to speed with what it can and can not do for you. Within a tailored training we cover the technical foundations, then we mentor and accompany in the process of building a functional prototype that you can showcase to your stakeholders. 

See what it is like