We are a community on a mission to make AI accessible to anyone.

We connect the ecosystem of experts, individuals and companies through communities to create social impact.

Our Mission

At Saturdays.AI we want to make AI accessible to everyone through the formation of communities.


We have designed our flagship programme, AI Saturdays, suitable for anyone that wants to start in AI. It takes students 12 to 15 Saturdays to learn ML techniques and end up creating their own project in AI. Everything with the guide and support of the community during the whole process. 


We also offer courses exclusively for schools and businesses that want to lead in AI and we organise other initiatives such as talks, our own podcast or events in our community to bring AI closer and motivate the creation of real projects. 

Our Team

Miguel Guerrero

CEO & Co-founder

I co-founded Saturdays.AI so I could learn Deep Learning while building impact projects. I currently  serve as president and help with the daily operations and the strategy in order to fulfill our mission. I’m a Data Geek with extensive management experience in industrial and technology companies. I’m also a MBA Graduate from HEC Paris and Wharton, with a track-record as an entrepreneur for mission-driven initiatives, and a part-time professor of Applied AI. Passionate about how technology empowers everyone to achieve great things, I’m on a quest to build a better tomorrow for my 3 children. 

Jan Carbonell

Chairman & Co-founder

I co-founded Saturdays.AI back in 2018 willing to learn Deep Learning within a community of makers. More about me: I am a self-taught developer and former strategy consultant. My previous projects include an underwater augmented reality experience and a wearable to facilitate the navigation of the visually impaired from which I was nominated to the MIT Under 35. I’m actively involved in the Barcelona Entrepreneurship Scene through Startup Weekend, Global Shapers and StartupGrind among others.

Virginia Huidobro

EU Manager & AI Saturdays Madrid Ambassador

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but I have Spanish nationality. As Europe Manager, I oversee the operations and expansion in Europe. I am a tireless proactive and multidisciplinary learner, with good communication skills and always looking to be happy in what I do. I feel fulfilled by helping and teaching others. With great ability to work in a team and excellent leadership skills, experience and professionalism, I am always ready for new opportunities.

Pablo Castañeda

Global Teams Lead & AI Saturdays Madrid Ambassador

I lead the global team, provide support to the communities and also strategic advice. My great passion is the human brain, although I am a computer engineer by training and I have worked on several AI projects related to health. I have always been fascinated by psychology and neuroscience and believe that the complex interactions of our brain shape our thoughts, memories, feelings and motivations, and ultimately make us human. I like to talk about mental well-being in the modern world, habits, brain-computer interfaces, education, learning, productivity and creativity. You can read me at smartsapiens.net and recommend a good book 😉

Basilio Karamanos

Partnerships, AI4Good Prize & Monterrey (MX) City Lead

Basilio’s expertise is in digital transformation strategy, strong focus on analyzing and evaluating data to make actionable recommendations and providing advice and guidance on best practices to drive digital initiatives. Basilio has a successful track record of leading complex projects and designing and launching innovative strategies. 

At Saturdays AI, Basilio is responsible for developing and strengthening relationships between partner organizations and new initiatives to expand the reach of our mission.

Angelina Alarcón

LATAM Manager & Guadalajara (MX) City Lead

I’m a computer engineer passionate about technology and open source philosophy, eager to share knowledge and always motivated to learn. I have several postgraduate studies: a Masters in Business Administration and another in Data Science and Big Data, and I am co-founder of Women in Data Science, Power and Engineering AC.

Eduardo H. Ramirez

Board Member & Monterrey City Lead

I am a doctor in Intelligent Systems from ITESM and have collaborated in Yahoo Research and Microsoft Research in Machine Learning applications. I am a founding partner and the head of Analytics at Ensitech in Mexico, where I carry out Data Science projects for leading companies in the country. I am also a board member of CAINTRA’s Centro de Vinculación Tecnológica, founder of the Data Science community in Monterrey and a contributor to media such as Forbes, Economía Hoy and SG Software Guru.

Beñat Galdós

Board Member & Diversity Lead

My goal is to help people to better adapt to a world that, fortunately or not, will be increasingly digital.  If I had to apply a motto to myself, «Kaizen» would be my keyword of choice. During my life, I have noticed that continuous improvement can get an individual quite far.

My background is in entrepreneurship and engineering, having founded several startups and digitalization firms.

At Saturdays I lead the diversity efforts and the impact measurement practice.

Christian Tutivén

Board Member & Guayaquil City Lead

I was a student in the 1st edition of AI Saturdays Barcelona and mentor later in the 1st edition of Tarragona. I returned to Ecuador and became the city lead of AI Saturdays Guayaquil. I’m a teacher and an entrepreneur in constant learning, in search of generating a positive impact by sharing and applying the knowledge acquired at work, studies and in life. One of my goals is to make Ecuador one of the countries with the highest technology development worldwide. I love technology and I have experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, control, electricity, robotics and telecommunications. Also, in the design of mobile applications with acquired skills in administration, in competitive analysis, resource and project management and in implementation of processes and tools focused on improving service/product too. At the moment, I am working on the development of an autonomous vehicle.