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¿What is Saturdays.AI?

Saturdays.AI is the leading social impact organization on a mission to empower diverse individuals to learn AI.

Learn in community

We learn in community through our platform: it includes private forums where people can ask their questions and get in touch other students.

Social A.I. bootcamp

Our flagship, AI Saturdays, lasts about 12-15 sessions of 5h each online and in-person. It is always scheduled on Saturdays. Our participants come from all walks of life from +30 cities.

Talks with great creator & experts

We also interview creators and experts who provide a more complete and rigorous vision of artificial intelligence. Take a look at our podcast. 





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Our Data 2021

More than half of our students are looking for a change. We want to provide the best ecosystem for them to seek their future within the field of AI and Data Science. 

Whether your intention is to recruit student or professional talent or to promote your technology and services, this is your spot. 

Our Mission

At Saturdays.AI we aspire to make AI accessible to everyone through the formation of communities. And we also want to bring the professional world closer to our community. 

To do this, in AI Saturdays (our flagship programme) we work with students for 12 to 15 Saturdays to learn ML techniques to end up creating a real AI project. No doubt this is the ideal environment to recruit talent or to coach your employees.

We also organise other initiatives such as talks, podcasts or events in our community that can be the perfect opportunity to showcase your work.

How we can partner?

Through learning and building cutting-edge projects, we advance in our mission to empower anyone to become a participant and shaper of the Artificial Intelligence impact. 

Streaming advertisement

Mentions in webinars or broadcasting of a 30-second video announcement at the beginning or end of a streaming talk. 

AI Saturdays sponsored scholarships

Help your students or employees to access courses at a more affordable price or with a full scholarship.

Mailing, Podcast & Web

Presence in marketing mailings and web using the logo provided by the sponsor and mentions of the company in the podcast.

Job offers

Promoting job offers in the Saturdays.AI community

Speaker request

Talks by company experts. Inclusion of a 50-minute streaming talk. 

Social Media

Dissemination of the sponsor’s image on social media.

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