At Saturdays.AI we believe that we must accelerate our mission to make A.I. accessible to everyone. That is why we are launching our online community.

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Learning data science or machine learning is not easy, building awesome AI projects is even less. You need basic knowledge, motivation  and peers to walk together in the process. 

That’s why we’ve created the online Saturdays.AI community – free of charge – so you can start discussions, ask your questions, share events or talks, search for job offers or create A.I. initiatives.

Will you join us?

What is the community like inside?

Online Courses and A.I. events

You will be able to access state of the art online courses about AI, from learning python to prompt engineering, or even to train a custom LLM, bot for advanced and beginners, together with events and what is trending in the AI / ML world.

We connect the A.I. ecosystem.

Jobs and offers on artificial intelligence and data science, including also the economic conditions of a large number of offers.



Participate in asynchronous discussions

Join conversations around the world about programming, technology, A.I. resources and machine learning projects that are changing the world.

Quality, orderly conversations where you control the notifications you receive.