AI4Good Prize

The AI for Social Good Prize is an annual competition sponsored by the AI4Good Mexico Foundation to recognize the most innovative uses of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for social good across Latin America.

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The AI for Social Good Prize is open to any Latin American person or organization using AI technology to positively and sustainably impact and influence their communities.

The Prize is divided into three categories.

AI for Improving Human Wellbeing

This category involves using AI to help improve people‘s life experience, health, safety, and general well-being.

Examples include using AI to predict and improve healthcare outcomes, diagnose mental health,  AI-enabled devices and programs that can help people with disabilities, AI-enabled prediction and decision-making tools to help prevent diseases, and AI-enabled solutions to help people in poverty find better access to resources.

AI for Improving the Environment

This category involves using AI to monitor, forecast, and predict environmental change, protect endangered species, and optimize the efficiency of energy resources.


Examples include combating climate change through better monitoring of carbon emissions, water usage predictions, and optimized energy supply.  Better analysis of ecosystems, predictions of wildfires, and predictions of air quality.

AI for Enhancing Social Cohesion

This category involves using AI to help governments implement policies and improve decisionmaking processes.

Examples include AIenabled monitoring systems for detecting fraud and corruption in public funds, AIenabled surveillance systems for public safety, and AIenabled programs for sorting through legal cases quickly. AI can be used for social good purposes, such as improving access to education, promoting racial justice, mitigating poverty, and increasing civic engagement.

Nominees & Winners

World-class Judges

The winners will receive cash prizes, organizational and technological support from AI4Good Foundation Mexico, along with mentor support if needed.

The winners of the competition will be chosen by a panel of experts from the private and public sectors, academia, and the social and non-profit sectors. Each year, the panel will evaluate applications based on their potential to make a positive and lasting impact on society, evidence of how they have taken into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the quality and innovation of the approach, the feasibility of their proposal, the relevance of the problem they are addressing and their potential for scaling up.

Scaling up AI's Social Impact

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Summit for Social Good

Learn all you need, from the best AI implementations

The winners of the AI for Social Good Awards are invited to the AI4Good Foundation’s yearly Summit for Social Good, where they can share their experiences and lessons with other AI for Social Good Award winners and the global AI community.

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