Saturdays.AI Copenhagen

Hej københavn!

Check out how our 1st edition of SaturdaysAI in Denmark went! We will be posting more info about the 2nd edition soon!

🌍 Our mission is to empower anyone to learn #AI beyond the conventional education path while delivering social impact🚀

When: TBD

Where: Monta headquarters

Program: Machine Learning

Price2999DKK / 1999DKK*

*Bring one friend and get a 50% discount. Only one discount applicable. See more info in link below!

How is it joining us?

Our program consist of 13+ in-person sessions of 5h each scheduled on Saturdays (9-14h) so that everyone has an opportunity to learn while building projects powered by AI. Our philosophy is based on these two pillars:

  • “Code 2 Learn”: learn the basics of machine learning through coding exercises in a collaborative manner.
  • “Build 2 Learn”: build end2end prototypes of Artificial Intelligence that have a positive impact and are open-source


Meet the AI community in Copenhagen

Denmark is the most digitised country in Europe with a tech-savvy population that demands advanced digital solutions in every aspect of their daily lives.

Have a look at some of our previous editions across different countries!

What do our fellows say?

“… Saturdays.AI takes the difficulty curve out of A.I. by not making it a thing for engineers or mathematicians, and allows many other people to create projects with the help of mentors and their community.”

Our team

Our team is formed by passionate people who believes in building a better society. We are aware of the current challenges we do face and willing to tackle them. 

foto perfil Guille

Guillermo Trujillo

Copenhagen CIty Lead
Data Analyst at Too Good To Go

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and student at the Entrepreneur School of Queensland, Australia. Currently working as a global data analyst at Too Good To Go since 2019.

I am an inquisitive person who is always willing to learn new things. I like to get involved in projects with a social impact; previously I have been part of Yo Dominó (anti-bullying) and Correr Para Cambiar Vidas (avoiding social exclusion). Passionate about sports, travelling and nature.

In 2020 I joined the SaturdaysAI's 4th edition in Madrid. It got me into this intrepid world where it still exists a huge access gap.

Marcos Ivorra

Copenhagen Chapter Manager
Data Scientists at Alfa Laval

Industrial engineer by the polytechnic university of Valencia and soon to be Business Analytics engineer by Technical University of Denmark.

I am a proactive, adaptable individual with deep interest in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning. Always willing to get out of my comfort zone, I seek to be part of social impact projects that expand education about sustainability and new technologies.

Our team

Our team is formed by passionate people who believes in building a better society. We are aware of the current challenges we do face and willing to tackle them. 


Charlotte Searle

Mentor at Saturdays AI Copenhagen
Analytics Team Lead at Too Good To Go

I'm part of the fight to end food waste as the leader of our Global Analytics team at Too Good To Go. There is so much potential for data to enable and create solutions in sustainability, social justice, and beyond. I am passionate about inspiring others to see this potential and helping individuals build the skills and confidence to be a part of the movement.

Sam Watts

Mentor at SaturdaysAI Copenhagen
Machine Learning Engineer at Too Good To Go

I'm currently working on building a recommendation system to enable Too Good To Go to deliver more relevant store recommendations to our users. I'm interested in the application of the latest ML research to problems in the sustainability and social good areas, as well as tooling that enables effective use of ML in production.

Pierre Ouchene

Mentor at Saturdays AI Copenhagen
Research assistant and Consultant at DTU Compute.

I have a keen interest in statistics, financial engineering and time series analysis. My work leads me to meet companies in various fields and work with them to improve their own ways of working suppported by data science.
I believe that lots can be achieved with motivation and curiosity, and I hope to help people ease into the mathematical concepts most commonly encountered when working with AI.

Some of our global partners

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